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Colorini- waterproof tattoo paints that lasts 3-5 days on the skin. These colors are  of the air brush colors family but not identical.                     All colors are Alcohol based. Some colors will separate when not in use.
To get the best application shake the product well before each use. The stars indicate which colors may need a more vigorous shake.
Products which have a 4 - 5 star listing would be better kept upside down 6 hours or overnight before use.
Some colors are condensed and we would recommend mixing with 1 part rubbing alcohol and 3 parts Colorini 10-25%.
The product can be removed with rubbing alcohol but will also fade away within a couple of days if left.
May stain clothing and fabrics.
To be applied by a competent person, not suitable for under 3's, sensitive skin / areas and not advised above shoulder height.
Developed using FDA approved ingredients.


How to use Colorini colors

And the creations you can do with Colorini colors

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Fluoro, black light sensitive-

known as UV colors and shown in regular light as well.

Special effects-

This transparent colors, Metallic/pearl effects- gives the best effect when painted over other colors, better to keep upside-down over might before use.

* stars for How well to shake 7ml  15ml 500ml

*stars for How well to shake

15ml 500ml *stars for How well to shake 15ml 500ml
Pure black         Yellow Fluoro     Pearl White    
* *** *****
Burgundy         Orange Fluoro     Glittering White    
* *** *****
Brown         Red Fluoro     Pearl Blue    
**** *** *****
Indian Brown         Pink Fluoro     Glittering Gold    
* *** *****
Mustered Yellow         Violet Fluoro      
* ***
Yellow transparent         Blue Fluoro     
** ***
L.T. Yellow         Green Fluoro    
*** ***
  Orchid White        
L.T. Pink      
Hot Pink      
Orange red transparent'      
Red Japan      
Purple transparent      
L.L.T. Blue      
L.T.    Blue      
Blue dark aqua      
Green dark aqua      
Meant Green      
L.T. Green      

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