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Colorini- waterproof tattoo paints that lasts 3-5 days on the skin. These colors are  of the air brush colors family but not identical.                      All colors are Alcohol based. Some colors will separate when not in use.
To get the best application shake the product well before each use. The stars indicate which colors may need a more vigorous shake.
Products which have a 4 - 5 star listing would be better kept upside down 6 hours or overnight before use.
Some colors are condensed and we would recommend mixing with 1 part rubbing alcohol and 3 parts Colorini 10-25%.
The product can be removed with rubbing alcohol but will also fade away within a couple of days if left.
May stain clothing and fabrics.
To be applied by a competent person, not suitable for under 3's, sensitive skin / areas and not advised above shoulder height.
Developed using FDA approved ingredients.

Black tattoos, Henna without  henna

The Colorini colors are the best and safest way to make black perfect tattoos that lasts.

You need for that only black 15ml Colorini and rubbing alcohol to clean the skin before use for longer lasting tattoo. no side effects! FDA standard!



With Ybody's stencils.


With Ybody's stencils.

 Glitter tattoos for professionals

With Colorini colors you can create a very elegant and professional looking- glitter tattoos!

 The edge of the decoration will be much more sharp and the Colorini will add a unified dark or light background. scroll down for instructions.


With Ybody's EX stencils.


by free hand.

 This decoration should be made in sequences, small area painted and while wet add glitter. The Alcohol base evaporate immediately and the color dry in seconds.

 Body decorations that lasts


The colors has many qualities that allow a body painting artist a vast range of painting effects. some of the colors are opaque condensed and some colors are transparent.

One must play with the colors a while to discover their qualities.

Scroll down for more.


With Ybody's EX stencils.


Many more effects can be made using rubbing alcohol, as you where painting with water colors.

Another great quality is that the colors blend one into the other one real nicely even after one of the shades dried already. 

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