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The original pink glue is the first glue that was ever developed for glitter tattoos and is therefore the perfect solution. This glue is FDA registered and manufactured exclusively for the Ybody company. The glue was also successfully tested by European health department labs. It's waterproof and lasts 3-13 days on the skin.

The  Original Pink Glue is specifically formulated for sensitive skin and is non-irritating. The Original Pink Glue is water based and completely safe for the skin.

The Original Pink Glue was used by Hollywood make up artists, in fashion shows around Europe, body painting festivals and in MTV music clips.

Today, the Original Pink Glue continues to be unanimous choice of professional make up artists in film, TV and on stage.

How many tattoos:  One 15ml bottle is enough for 80-100 tattoos.

Drying period: It is best to apply the glitter or decorations after the glue turns transparent. The glue will continue to bond on the skin for a further two hours.

To keep longer:  It is crucial to close the bottle immediately after use as the glue is made to dry fast.   

Color:  The glue is pink, then turns transparent within few seconds.

Shelf life: If unopened and kept in room temperature, It's good for 5 years.


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